“Never Discuss Religion And Politics”

Is this really a good rule in conversation?  Maybe it’s good to avoid some confrontations, but surely not good when it comes to selecting civil leaders.  God has blessed us with civil powers (Ro.13:1-6) and a system that lets us choose good governance.  It’s only the Devil that would forbid us from discussing good policy or considering the experience and integrity of those who would oversee our lives and freedoms.  Equally the Devil would prefer that men associate lack of civility with the two subjects!

The Devil doesn’t want us to discuss the Bible either.  God calls for us to preach the Gospel (Mk.16:15,16) and minister grace unto the hearers (Ep.4:29).  How can a man be saved from sin except he first hear the Gospel? (Ro.10:13-17)  Satan would prefer we never nurture nor admonish our children in righteousness (Ep.6:4).  He had rather that our friends, neighbors and family be lost!

Can we not discuss and study the Scriptures together in love and civility?  God calls us to be speaking the truth in love (Ep.4:15).  What keeps so many religious people divided, impotent and confusing a world lost in sin?  We must teach, talk, and warn. (Jn.17:20,21; Ez.3:18,19)       HJS