The Name “Christian”

• Found three (3) times in Bible. Ac.11:26; 26:28; 1 Pt.4:16
• Implies discipleship. Ac.11:26
• New name of God’s choosing for His elect. Is.62:1,2; Ac.11:18-26
• Subject of prophecy. Is.62:2
• Demands persuasion. Ac.26:28; Ro.1:16; 1Cr.1:21
• Takes endurance & faith to wear. 1Pt.4:16
• It is a name of great honor and responsibility. Re.2:17
• Not given in derision but to be glorified & not shamed. 1Pt.4:16
• Given to signify God’s true chosen people and new nation today. Is.65:1-2,15-17; Re.3:12; Ga.6:15,16; Ro.2:24,28,29
• Bears the name of Christ.Ac.4:12

 Why wear any other name?

Are you a Christian?