What The Prodigal Hadn’t Lost. Luke 15:11-24


Good Memories. v.17

     God gives amazing blessings in homes. Pr.1:8,9; Ps.42:11; Ep.6:4

Good Sense. v.18

     He examined the consequence of his folly. 2Cr.13:5; 1Cr.11:31

Shame & Humility. vv.18b,19

     Even our sins can humble and our shame in failing lead to humility. 1Pt.5:5,6; 2Cr.7:10


Dignity. Lk.18:13,14

     Dignity is seen in making a better self.


A Father’s Love. vv.20-24

     Hope for a home & father to love him. Ps.86:1-7; Is.1:16-20

The prodigal son received more than he expected! vv.20-24.  The father didn’t desire him as a hired servant but loved him as his son.

Here is a parable about man, sin, and our misconceptions about our Heavenly Father. vv.7,10.  In a sense then, it is a parable about and for all of us.

Have you strayed from the Father’s house?  You can come home.  Your Father waits to forgive and love you again as His child.           HJS