“No Greater Love Could Ever Be!”

No greater love could be behind God’s grand plans for man.  Consider that His love is the…

• Greatest love in sending His Son from heaven. Ph.2:•5-7

• Greatest love in letting Him be our propitiation. 1Jn2:2

• Greatest love in allowing Him to die. Jn.3:16

• Greatest love in that He forgives our sins and remembers them no more. He.8:12

• Greatest love in that He not only rescues from Satan and our sin, but gives us adoption into His family. Ro.8:15b

• Greatest love in that allows us to reign with Him. Re.20:6; 1:9

• Greatest love in that He prepared a place for us after death in His house-a mansion! Jn.14:1-3

• Greatest love in that He will use the same power that raised Jesus to raise us up to a celestial life. 2Cr.4:14; 1Cr.15:40; 1Th.4:17

• Greatest love in that all the vile and corruptible things troubling us, He will take away. 1Cr.15:50-54

• Greatest love in that even as we wait for heaven, we may do so in paradise. Lk.23:43

• Greatest love in that we will have bodies like as of Christ! 1Jn.3:1,2

A grand and glorious day is coming! Now our eyes are flooded with tears for mortality and corruption that abounds.  Then thoughts will ever be on joy, His glory and ours, immortality and incorruption! Truly He will wipe away all those tears from the eye (Re.21:4).     HJS