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What The Prodigal Hadn’t Lost. Luke 15:11-24


Good Memories. v.17

     God gives amazing blessings in homes. Pr.1:8,9; Ps.42:11; Ep.6:4

Good Sense. v.18

     He examined the consequence of his folly. 2Cr.13:5; 1Cr.11:31

Shame & Humility. vv.18b,19

     Even our sins can humble and our shame in failing lead to humility. 1Pt.5:5,6; 2Cr.7:10


Dignity. Lk.18:13,14

     Dignity is seen in making a better self.


A Father’s Love. vv.20-24

     Hope for a home & father to love him. Ps.86:1-7; Is.1:16-20

The prodigal son received more than he expected! vv.20-24.  The father didn’t desire him as a hired servant but loved him as his son.

Here is a parable about man, sin, and our misconceptions about our Heavenly Father. vv.7,10.  In a sense then, it is a parable about and for all of us.

Have you strayed from the Father’s house?  You can come home.  Your Father waits to forgive and love you again as His child.           HJS


What The Prodigal Son Brought Home

Recall the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32?

What could he bring back to his father’s house?  When he left he took a generous portion of his father’s living with him, but had wasted it in riotous living.  It was all gone!  If he brought any food home, it would have been no more than a husk or two in his pocket or satchel, rescued from the hogs. The boy came back home without shoes on his feet!

But what did the prodigal son bring home to his father’s house?

He brought back a confession of his wrongs and a plea for heaven and his father’s forgiveness.

Now tucked in his heart were humility and penitence.  Selfishness had been replaced by respect, appreciation of the care at home and willingness to labor in service for father and family as they might need.

He brought the very best answer to a father’s prayers!  Without doubt, that swelled the father’s words of praise and thanksgiving for God’s gracious care and providence.

The prodigal came home with the comfort that the father’s arms had been longing for so long a time. “His father saw…ran, and fell on his neck…”

Yes!  Into his father’s house he brought merriment.  The father called out to his servants, “Bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it; and let us eat, and be merry: For this my son was dead, and is alive again; he was lost, and is found!”

He brought back a sense of wholesome completeness to that home with his return.  The anguish, sadness and fear of his farther was replaced with relief and joy!

It gave exemplary proof to others that forgiveness and love reigned in the father’s home.

The reconciliation the prodigal brought home showed others the way home.  To have one son found and alive again, gave reality to hope for all in the father’s household.

Oh prodigal, do you know what you could bring with you?  Do you see the joy you can bring to the Father, your family and all the souls in His house and you, if you return?!  Please come home.     HJS