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The Brick Wall

A man spoke of the beautiful antique bricks in the walls in his office. Once they were a “scattered, haphazard, useless mass”–an ugly pile of accumulated weakness. They were the remains of an old chimney, long ago crumbled down. The bricks in the walls were the same as those that had been on the ground. The difference was in the singleness and unification. The possibilities were always there – even as they lay in rubble. Ugliness was transformed into beauty and weakness grew into strength.

People are like that. One may be like the helter-skelter pile of bricks, but another, though made of the same materials, is like a straight, strong solid wall!

How can we pull our lives together and be strong? Who can help us attain peace and happiness that won’t crumble with life’s troubles? God made man and says “beauty for ashes”! (Isaiah 61:3). He gives us “all things necessary for life and godliness” in the Bible. (2 Peter 1:3). God has a plan for your present good and eternal welfare.

May we help you study to gain all God wants for you? Please come to the services of the Stuttgart church of Christ, as we “provoke one another unto love and good works”. (Hebrews 10:24,25).

*Story borrowed from Leroy Brownlow.